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Our promise is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise.

The Southeast Michigan Chamber offers programs that add true value to your membership.

You will meet business leaders from the community, learn valuable info to help you succeed and receive the latest news directly from our political leaders.


Chamber Connect Program

The Chamber Connect Program is available to membership level that offer consulting and marketing assistance. The following benefits will be applied on your behalf:

  • Analyze your product offering with an eye forward to your prospective market.

  • Review and cross reference with Chamber membership , Chamber Friends, Chamber Sphere of Influence and Governmental Entities

  • Produce a target list as a result of the aforementioned process.

  • Set and attend appointments on your behalf as dictated by target list analysis process.

  • Assist with follow up communications, phone calls, emails, and needed information 




The Chamber is offering the opportunity to host a workshop on behalf of your business prior to one of the monthly luncheons. The Chamber will provide the venue, refreshments, and outreach to its following of nearly 500 businesses and elected officials. The rest is up to you. Your business would utilize 5 hours of your Chamber Connect Program marketing and consulting time obligation. The final equivalent cost to you is $1,250 which you have already paid for.


The Chamber is offering the opportunity to be recognized as the co-sponsor of a regularly scheduled monthly luncheon with the opportunity to do a presentation as to your business offerings. The Chamber will market the luncheon that you choose and identify and promote your business as part of the marketing process for the specific luncheon. That promotion process includes the outreach to nearly 50 influential business and elected leaders. The rest is up to you. Your business would utilize 5 hours of your Chamber Connect Program marketing and consulting time obligation. The final equivalent cost to you is $1,250 which you have already paid for.



Every month we hold a luncheon where our members can meet or catch up, talk business, take a break, listen to interesting presentations or grab seconds from the buffet. These luncheons take place in Warren or Clinton Township at the area's best banquet facilities. Also, the SMCC annually recognizes business leaders in our community who have made an outstanding mark in the betterment of society at an Awards Luncheon.

Bid Notification Program


Members are in a prime position through SMCC connections when there is an upcoming big project at the state, county, city or township level. Through this matchmaking program, we have a jump on the general public when there is a potential business opportunity between our members.


Members can download the bid notification form below.

Annual Senior Expo


Our member base includes many veteran companies with lifelong customers. These relationships run deep and prove valuable when seeking to enter into new fields or territories. We offer expert understanding of the needs of the senior community and give access through our Annual Senior Expo.

Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon Cutting

Our ribbon cutting ceremonies stand out from the rest. With a strong presence of our dedicated members, local officials and dignitaries, along with prominent community leaders, our events offer a memorable launch for your business. We ensure that the media captures these moments, providing your grand opening with valuable exposure. At SMCC, we focus on creating connections, fostering opportunities, and promoting local businesses.

Community Action Coalition

Contractors & Building Material Suppliers Marketing

Canva - Four People Wearing Blue Crew-ne

The most effective way to help the people of our community is to offer support to local nonprofits. SMCC works closely with 501c(3) organizations that offer food, shelter, clothing, healthcare assistance, and improve the quality of life in our cities. Nonprofits with similar goals and meet and coordinate through us and businesses looking to contribute can form important and impactful relationships.


A specialty of ours is working with those who are looking to develop, build, or renovate real estate. If you are looking to get your foot in the door with local building departments, planning commissions, planning directors and clerk's offices look no further. Or if you need someone to draw the plans or provide the materials, we've got you covered.

Local Government Commissions, Boards & Authorities Program


We believe that the best business practices and ethics are developed through democratic processes. We succeed when we coordinate and pursue the goals of the group instead of the individual. With so many political figures and industry leaders attending our luncheons, we provide the perfect place to establish yourself for potential appointments on various local government boards, commissions and authorities in the region.

Chamber Member to Member Discount Program


With so many contracts and agreements being made in our business community, everyone is looking for a fair deal and an understanding with a representative they can trust. Fostering relationships is key, and the face time you'll receive with our members, from many varied industries, will prove invaluable come time for negotiation.

Political Office Mentorship Program


SMCC is composed of veteran politicians from multiple cities and counties. Each of our monthly luncheons features a prominent elected official and presentations on the local initiatives or political news coming down the pike. If you have an interest in running for office and serving in a new capacity, we offer mentorship, training and assistance.

Chamber Events
Sponsorship Opportunities


Are you looking to stand out in our member base in a big way? Sponsor one of our events! The recognition you will receive and the visibility you will be given may do a wonder for the optics of your business. Plus, you will be supporting deserving causes and worthy endeavors. Opportunities include: monthly luncheon speaker's bureau, our annual awards program, charity events for our nonprofits, and political fundraisers.

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