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Women's Business Alliance

The next chapter of the Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce includes breakout events from our full membership luncheons, in the form of committees, so communities can discuss their values, goals and, most importantly, do some business.

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About the Committee

The Southeast Michigan Women's Business Alliance was established by the Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce to provide women business professionals with a world-class networking experience. This initiative is designed to foster a vibrant community where women entrepreneurs and professionals can connect, collaborate, and support each other's growth. The Alliance focuses on creating opportunities for members to share knowledge, resources, and experiences, enhancing both personal and professional development. Through regular events, workshops, and networking sessions held roughly six times a year, usually every other month, the Alliance aims to empower women in business, helping them to expand their networks and access new opportunities.

At the helm of the Southeast Michigan Women's Business Alliance are Chamber Ambassadors Claire Imbrunnone of EXP Realty and Kayla Yaek, owner of RC Heating and Cooling. These leaders are committed to cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment where women can build meaningful relationships and develop their businesses. The Alliance's events are mostly social gatherings held in the evening, with a blend of professional development activities to enrich members' skills and knowledge. Under the guidance of Imbrunnone and Yaek, the Alliance provides a platform for women to come together, offering mentorship, guidance, and the chance to form strategic partnerships. Their efforts ensure that the Alliance remains a cornerstone of the local business community, dedicated to advancing the interests and success of women in Southeast Michigan.

Co-Chairs of Committee


Kaylajoy Yaek


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Claire Imbrunnone


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