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Leaders of Tomorrow

The next chapter of the Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce includes breakout events from our full membership luncheons, in the form of committees, so communities can discuss their values, goals and, most importantly, do some business.

About the Committee

The Leaders of Tomorrow young professionals' networking group was created by the Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce to provide young professionals with a world-class networking experience. This initiative is designed to foster a dynamic community where emerging leaders can connect, collaborate, and support each other's career growth. The group focuses on creating opportunities for members to share knowledge, resources, and experiences, thereby enhancing both personal and professional development. Through regular social events and professional development sessions held every other month in the evening, the Leaders of Tomorrow aims to empower young professionals, helping them to expand their networks and access new opportunities.

Under the leadership of Chamber COO John Long, the Leaders of Tomorrow provides a supportive and collaborative environment where young professionals can build meaningful relationships and develop their careers. These events offer a blend of social interaction and professional growth activities, ensuring that members gain valuable insights and connections in a relaxed setting. John Long's commitment to guiding the group ensures that it remains a vital part of the local business community, dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders in Southeast Michigan.

Chair of Committee

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John Long

Vice President

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