To all Chamber Members and Friends of the Chamber,

As most of you are aware, the Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce and its two affiliates, Warren Area Chamber of Commerce & Gratiot Avenue Chamber of Commerce, have had to curtail Chamber events and activities as a result of the pandemic. At the very incept of the pandemic I was hopeful that this would be of short duration. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was of the mistaken illusion that somehow this might end by Summer. Summer came and went and of course that did not happen. I was then of the mind that this might come to an end point by the Fall. Once again, Fall has come and gone without any resolution. We continue dealing with the pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has reared its ugly head and things have gotten worse. Yet it appears that the end of this is in sight thanks to the forthcoming vaccines as well as the new therapeutic drugs.

Things will begin to return to relative normalcy sometime after the first of the year. To that end the Chamber is planning on returning to its monthly luncheons the last week of February. We have also begun to plan for the Warren Center Line Cruise Cruisin' 53, North Graitot Chesterfield Cruise, and the Run Warren event. This year we are already planning an additional running event to compliment the Chesterfield Cruise as with the Warren Cruise. We are currently working on our guest speakers for our monthly luncheons. Our focus s very much about having guest speakers from the ranks of our local elected leadership. We have several of our local leaders to call upon. The Chamber Political Action Coalition (PAC) had a remarkably successful outcome with the 2020 elections throughout Macomb County. Of the 17 candidates that were supported by the PAC, 16 were winners. We will certainly have many of them attending or speaking before the Chamber in the upcoming season.



Are you ready to kick off 2021 with some excellent, targeted, prequalified business opportunities? The Chamber Connect Program (CCP) is the vehicle to take you there.

Over the years the Chamber leadership and staff have developed literally thousands of strong business and political relationships. The result of which is the ability to hear of and create opportunities for our members with our broad network.

The CCP is available to membership levels that offer consulting and marketing assistance:
Board Level, Executive Club Plus and Executive Club.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number listed below.


John H. Johnson, CEO

Southeast Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Warren Area Chamber of Commerce
Gratiot Avenue Chamber of Commerce